Better Off Dead

Ominous clouds silently stalk the coast
Where gulls make way to open sea
Waves collide, and feast upon the host
Slaves to the ebbing tide of eternity

Measured droplets of faith from your eyes
Misplaced in the venture ahead
An army unconquered lives, breathes and dies
There honesty greets those better off dead

2 thoughts on “Better Off Dead

  1. Interesting piece, Twisty! Enjoyably thought provoking.

    A couple editing mistakes, I think. I’m sure you didn’t mean weregulls, like werewolves, in the second line, though it’s an interesting thought. 🙂 And the end line should say better ‘off’ dead, not better ‘of’ dead, right?

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    1. Thank you Steve, correct on both counts👍 I appreciate it. I’ve had limited time to write the last few weeks so quality has suffered.
      I like the idea of a weregull. Sounds like an awfully good b grade monster flick.

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