Jack and Gill? (The Untold Story)

Jack and Jill

Never did fill
That trusty pail of water
Jack was there
Thats all fair
But Jill was never a daughter

Have a look
Check the first book
A boy named Gill went with Jack
Now to whys
That these two guys
Couldn’t go up the hill and back

Jill or Gill
Climbing the hill
There was no water at the top
Pardon me
But could this be
A gay nursery rhyme cover up?

Jack is the most common name used in English-language nursery rhymes and represented an archetypal Everyman hero by the 18th century, while Jill or Gill had come to mean a young girl or a sweetheart by the end of the Middle Ages.

However, the woodcut that accompanied the first recorded version of the rhyme showed two boys (not a boy and a girl) and used the spelling Gill, not Jill.

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