The Great Reveal


The scaffolding had cloaked the great Kaaba for more than a year. 

A simple restoration was long overdue, but delays in the schedule had gone on much longer than expected.

People had begun to speculate, was this more than a simple restoration, could this be an improvement, some form of redesign? Nothing of that nature had been allowed in more than four hundred years. 

It was precisely a year of delays to the day before the announcement of a grand unveiling. 


The shock on each face from what they saw that day was captured on film for the rest of the world to see. A world which stopped instantly, equally shocked. 

As the electronically timed curtain dropped, they were faced with the sight of nothing. 

The Great Kaaba was gone. 

The so called ‘builders’ had deconstructed the entire structure, removing stone by stone, in one of the most elaborate robberies of all time.

The religious world is in mourning in response to this clear act of terrorism. The faithful look for guidance, with the whereabouts of Mecca unknown, where are they to direct their prayers?


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