Happy 16th of November 

Happy 16th of November everyone! 

Not sure what you’re up to today. I plan on heading to the park for a picnic party with my favorite teddy bear. I’ll be packing marmalade sandwiches and honey for my teddy and any other bears that may show up uninvited. After all one must always be tolerant of others, especially today.

I intended to eat as much fast food as my stomach allows, before throwing up, and or, the button of my pants pops.

Then, if I’m feeling well enough, I will serenade my teddy and other park patrons with a thoughtful, well rehearsed clarinet performance.

As I said, this is a special day.

If you are a poor, Native American writer, trying to write your first novel about the hardships of your people, the difficulties of adoption in today’s society, or just your love of pomegranates and peanuts, even though you have a severe allergy, this is your day!

Or, if you are a vegan Manatee, mistreated by humans and your kinsman, mocked for your patchy facial hair and ongoing struggles with epilepsy, your time is now!



This is a list of observed holidays that fall on this day.

(there are probably more, I didn’t look very hard)


Party With Your Bear Day

Button Day

Fast Food Day

Day of Tolerance

Clarinet Day

Talk Money Week

Adoption Month

Novel Writing Month

Peanut Butter Lovers Month

Pomegranate Month

Native American Awareness Month

Human Animal Relationship Awareness Week

Manatee Awareness Month

Epilepsy Awareness Month


World Vegan Month

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