If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet


The sonnets form

Under the knife

Whittled from norm

Breathes new life

And can be found

Just as profound

Just see Steve B


Special thanks to my friend Stephen Buchanan (aka muttado1sb) for the Real Neat Blog Award nomination.

I’ve never written a ha’sonnet before, I don’t think I did the form justice.

If you want to a see a professional ha’sonnet visit Stephen at:

If you haven’t got a Sonnet


16 thoughts on “If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet

      1. Absolutely! His posts are always great. He has much more of a lyrical way with words than I could ever muster…
        But, remember, you don’t do too badly yourself my mousey friend!

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      2. It’s Mutual

        For Twisty Tale
        and Charming friend
        When y’all regale
        it’s greatly penned
        and is indeed
        a joy to read
        Sir, Miss, kiss-kiss 😉

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  1. For Mouse’s House

    You’re quite welcome!
    In it’s fun way
    your blog’s awesome!
    And I must say
    your ha’sonnet
    is right on it
    A quick uptick

    Thank you, Twisted Murdoch! You do have ”A Real Neat Blog.” And thanks for writing in the ha’sonnet form. I’ve been waiting for someone else to write one outside of RhymeZone, and you did quite well.

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    1. Thank you!
      I didn’t expect to get a personalised ha’sonnet!
      I’ve been meaning to write one for the longest time, the award just gave me the final motivation I needed.
      Tricky little suckers. I must have rewritten and changed direction three times before completion. I don’t know how you do it 👍 much respect.

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      1. You’re welcome! They aren’t as easy now as when I started these three years ago – when the form was invented by others. Sometimes they still just pop. But after you write a couple hundred… I do have a folder full of unfinished ha’sonnet ideas that I may someday get to work.

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      2. I understand completely. Some poems just want to be written.
        I have a similar folder, although it’s an odd place. Sometimes it’s a black page with a single word and I think, why have I kept this for 6 months? What does this mean?

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