All You Need Is Love, Amendment


All you need is love, a beautiful sentiment.

Health, wealth, happiness, the big three, can make life more comfortable but not complete. Without love, life is not worth living.


I’ll tell you a story.

There once was a young boy who loved a young girl.

He watched her with other boys, waiting for his chance.

He cried himself to sleep more than once, tortured by the one he could not have.

His love burned inside him, filling him, as only adolescent love can, like rocket fuel and fireworks at a Backstreet Boys concert.

Finally, when he found the courage to tell her, she didn’t feel the same way.

So much love, nurtured and stoked for years became hollow instantly. Regret and depression filled the void, plaguing him intermittently throughout life. He questioned love constantly. If love, so real cannot be mirrored, is it all you need to love and not be loved in return?


With this story in mind,

I would like to make the amendment,

All you need is love, reciprocated.



(I will admit, the song probably won’t be as catchy)


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