Practical Management Solutions Ltd


New Investment Business Convention 2019


Salesman: [nervous] Hello sir, are you ready for the opportunity of a lifetime? You are getting in on the ground floor. Practical Management Solutions. [hands leaflet] we’ll be here all week.

Potential investor: [smiling] Practical, Management, Solutions. That’s a great company abbreviation. I think I’ll pass. Good luck though, women will love it.

Salesman: [thinking] We don’t have a business abbreviation, Practical Management Solutions. Oh shit, we need to change our name.


Unfortunate Business Names:

(all real businesses)



My Dung Chinese Restaurant

Hooker Furniture

Poon Palace

Tillicum Motor Inn

Wally’s Private Parts

Fuk Mi Sushi Buffet

Butt Drilling Company

BJ’s on the Beach


Big Dick’s Halfway Inn

S.T.D Contractors

Glory Hole Centre

P.C.P. Dining

The Golden Shower Restaurant

Fat Ho Burgers

Camel Tow


Hand Job Nails and Spa

Herpes Pizza




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