The Answer’s in the Inflection



I’m in an awkward position. 

I don’t want to lie to you, 


I also don’t want to tell you the truth.


How am I?


(I will answer the same way everyone does; a response while not accurate, is socially acceptable in any given situation. A reply delivered with a mutter, often a sigh, sometimes even screamed; and in that inflection you will have your real answer. Feel free to decipher as you please. Remember, your interpretation is important; for your sake I hope you get it right)


I’m fine. 

3 thoughts on “The Answer’s in the Inflection

    1. Funny. That’s a common aussie reply, one which I used for most my life. These days I say ‘always good,’ which may be a lie most days. But really its more something I say to convince myself, than as a response to a question no one wants answered honestly. We are all charlatans 💚

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