Last Season Standing

When the time consuming process of rendering snow is at work, the loading season of Autumn, was arrived to fill the interim. 

A time when each leaf is permitted to choose a new shade and spend their golden age admired.

Autumn shows us death is as beautiful as it is harsh.

Pity autumn, it is her duty to die each year. 


That is until global warming eradicates seasons. Then she will have the opportunity to watch the others become her. Before her own final glorious death. 

Then, there will be only one season,  a new season, born from the earth we created. 

Nuclear winters psycho bitch sister, I have so loving dubbed, Toxic Summer. 

Get ready for a heat wave that will last to the end of days. 


9 thoughts on “Last Season Standing

  1. Can people stop telling themselves global warming is not a thing? Cuz if autumn doesn’t happen I am going to go apeshit.

    What will us white girls do without pumpkin spice lattes?!

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