Tomorrows Never Arrive

Benny Franklin said, don’t save anything for tomorrow, that you can do today.
Obviously, I’m paraphrasing.

There’s always a tomorrow
And then another
And another
Just out of reach.
Today will never be tomorrow, by the time it arrives it’s today.
Unless you say today is tomorrow, yesterday.
Then you could say yesterday was today and tomorrow.
So really, you should be asking, why didn’t you do it yesterday?

Anyway, when you look at it that way
It can seem depressing, maybe confusing too.

What I’m trying to say is,
Don’t look forward to tomorrow
Tomorrows never arrive.
Take the time to enjoy today,
You only get one today, everyday.

10 thoughts on “Tomorrows Never Arrive

    1. Thank you. Just having fun with words. There’s a pub back home that has a sign out front saying ‘free beer tomorrow.’ always thought that was hilarious.


      1. See in America someone would fight that. People sued red bull because they didn’t grow wings, and men’s warehouse because their slogan is “you’re gonna love the way you look, I guarantee”, and this man in fact did not love the way he looked.

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      2. Hilarious! I heard about people going after fast food chains for making them fat but red bull, wings!
        Sorry for being dark but anyone stupid enough to believe that should test out their new wings by jumping off the nearest bridge.


      3. Hahaha did you just apologize to me for being dark?! Thats a first.

        My favorite was the men’s warehouse

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