The Blockbuster Film of the Summer



The Mad monk! 

Is back! 

Aided by a beautiful descendant of the Romanov family, 

He returns to St Petersburg

To retrieve his long-11 inches long- lost member

From the evil doctor Igor Knyazkin’s 

Museum of Erotica. 

Chased by the FSK, the KGB and Putin’s own personal armed forces, 

Will he make it in time for his 

Pilgrimage to Spring break

To regain his title

As the greatest

Love machine who ever lived. 


Come see, 


The Rise of Rasputin: Spring Breakovich


Я просто шучу, типа того


40 thoughts on “The Blockbuster Film of the Summer

    1. You trying to mess with my mind?
      If I remember correctly, williams was the bat in fern gully? Cusack was the albino bat in Anastasia.
      The way the world is now, they will probably get Kevin Hart to do it. I can’t believe they made aladdin again. I can’t watch it.


      1. You are 100% correct.
        Can we just have the bat from fern gully? He raps.
        I won’t watch aladdin or the lion king. They need to stop ruining my childhood with this crap!

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        Even better than Bill Murray in Zombieland was Woody Harrelson’s reaction to Bill Murray in Zombieland.

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      3. True! Been loving woodie, had some great roles in the past few years.

        They are making part two to Zombieland and Bill Murray is credited!!!


      4. Yaaaaas!!!!

        Now I just wanna watch Natural Born Killers. Maybe after Amityville Horror. Its a lazy sunday for me consisting of blankets and sopa de fideo to try and get my voice back.

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      5. Apparently I am sick. I felt ok yesterday minus the voice. Today I am full on run down 🤧

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      6. There is this movie series called Bad Ben that you need to see. Its a found footage series that this guy (picture elmer fudd with a jersey accent) made by himself in his house with his security cameras. Funniest thing I have ever seen since The Room.

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      7. The Room is unironically one of my favorite movies of all time. I’ve probably seen it more times than any other film just because it makes any bad day better.

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      8. I could see that. That film has it all and depending on your perspective, could be considered the greatest drama or comedy of all time.


      9. It is. I’ve gone to the live screenings and they are amazing. I have met Tommy Wiseau and he is hilarious. People kept asking him stupid questions and he starter getting sassy with them saying, “Who care? Why you ask such stupid question there are starving children in the world.”

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      10. He seems so dense. I’ve always wondered how much of it is a character he is portraying.
        I heard he was planning on making another movie. Know anything?


      11. I hope so! He is dense but I think he’s more onto things now since Disaster Artist happened. Btw if you haven’t read the book, you should. Its an awesome read.

        Idk about a new movie but I recently saw Greg Sestero’s movie he made with him called Best F(r)iends and it was so fun!

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      12. I saw a few of the interviews he did with Franco. He was a little more present, maybe even playing a part. As they say, no publicity is bad publicity.

        I’ve read a few excerpts from the book, does sound pretty awesome.

        I’m thinking the best f(r)iends movie is what I heard about. Didntvtraalisevit was out already. I’m falling behind.


      13. Does that mean “didn’t realize it was out yet?” Is that what we were going for? Or did you turn into the Frankenstein monster for a split second?

        Are you a zombie?! I KNEW YOU WERE A ZOMBIE!

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      14. Actually, I’m the computer equivalent of a 1000 monkeys at 1000 typewriters. Unfortunately, the computers are from the nineties, very few are still working and the monkey shit is piling up.


      15. That.. that explains so much.

        Have they cut back on the banana budget by supplying just banana candy?

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