Fever Never Breaks


A fever has never broken like a spirit

The hammer an ill fitting tool for the slit

The concealed scarlet touch reaching through

Presents a tempting process long overdue

What may take a life time to comprehend

A prospect close at hand is the end

An empty bottle but the rattle of one pill

A sentenced prescription in need of refill

The bed made comfortable but for one

In the hollow fingers are allowed to run

And who enacts sweet love to the obsession

Then settles, exhausted in the depression

Life was not made to be easy

Who told you death would be?






15 thoughts on “Fever Never Breaks

  1. Life is not meant to be easy
    is what you have understood
    we can feel somewhat fearful
    but have to act undisturbed.

    Best way to find happiness
    against these prescriptions
    is by adding value to others
    making it our life’s mission.

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  2. This is brilliant! I especially loved the imagery of an empty prescription with the rattle of 1 pill. Excellent!

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  3. “Life was not made to be easy
    Who told you death would be?”

    Wow, what a wonderful way to end this piece! I love the journey that this poem takes the reader in. I especially love it because at the end of the piece, you speak of depression–something that a most of us think is the worst–but then these two lines following just take my breath away. It’s hard to explain but wow I just love the progression of this piece. I don’t know why–I’m just realizing–but I love it!

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    1. Thank you so much.
      I think we all suffer bouts of depression at times in our lives, to varying degrees, some of us without realising.
      The last two lines are a thought I have when I read about depression and suicide.
      How can someone take that final step without knowing what waits for them?
      Just perspective. Choose life and live it πŸ˜‰ thanks again for the comment good sir.

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      1. Of course! As a survivor of depression and suicide, myself, I can tell you that simply “choosing life” is not as simple as you put it to be. The fact that we don’t know what waits for us after the final step, sometimes, is what makes it so easy. Especially when you start thinking that I’d rather have anything but the current state that I am in, in life.

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      2. That is the other side of the coin.
        I was quoting trainspotting, a simple mantra that helped me put things in perspective in the past.
        I had no intention of belittling or simplifying anyone else’s, or my own suffering.
        I think Leo, the first comment of this post, put it well, in regards to the value of life.
        I live for my family, they give me life.

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    1. Thank you. I remember this one. A few people around me were suffering from a deep depression. This was a result of a few conversations I had.
      Costa Rica! Beautiful.
      Does it mean a lover who is not impressive in bed? That’s my first thought.

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  4. I like your meaning even more πŸ˜‰ It means the fever is inside of you…you can change sheets, change rooms, change jobs, but that fever goes with you…I love its wisdom..you might think that about someone who cannot find happiness, no matter where they move to, how many marriages they tried…etc

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