Chef Wisdom

A sharp knife 

is pointless 

in dull hands. 

15 thoughts on “Chef Wisdom

      1. At first I thought that said THE apprentice and I was the most confused.

        Are you a chef?

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      2. No thats awesome. I love to cook. Opening a restaurant or bakery one day in a small town is my dream!

        And now with your name Murdoch Mouse and knowing you’re a chef, all I think of is Ratatouille 🐀

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      3. I did that. Dreams don’t last forever, you always wake up. Not to trash your dreams, just how my experience is regarding the food industry. With allergies and new forums to rate you it’s exhausting. There’s little time and focus left to cook.

        I’ve been called mouse for most my life.
        Love the movie. Useless fact, the dish in the movie isn’t ratatouille. It’s called confit byaldi, it’s a variation on the classic French peasant dish.


      4. I would think it would be totally annoying with the different allergies. My favorite is when people are vegetarian but they eat chicken! Or they eat fish. Not so much. Or people who are gluten free with 0 gluten intolerance.

        What is your signature dish?

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      5. All those have happened to me in the last 2 days and more. You go in the kitchen, swear, insult their stupidity and make it.

        No signature. I specialise in Mediterranean. But I cook it all.


      6. Thats like when I first got my cosmetology license. I started in hair before sfx makeup. People bring pictures of things that are impossible given their current hair state. Gotta love unrealistic expectations.

        I love Mediterranean!

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      7. I’ve always wondered what goes on in the minds of a hairdresser.
        I don’t believe I could do it. All that touching and grooming of strangers.
        Have you worked on anything I may have seen?
        Should I start looking in movie credits?


      8. Thats why I went into makeup and then sfx makeup. Less grooming of strangers.

        Sadly no not yet. I am newer to sfx makeup as a career and Los Angeles.

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      9. I would love to work on an old school style horror movie like the ones Rob Zombie makes. A lot of newer ones don’t use practical fx

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