Love you Forever* (Break Up Edition)

I said I would love you forever*

God, forever* is a long time.
Now I’m waiting for forever* to end.
No one can possibly be serious when they say forever*
I’m starting to think maybe forever* is one of those words that deserves an accompanying asterisk.
Because there isn’t a person alive that has any idea just how long forever* lasts.
Since forever* isn’t technically quantifiable, it should be considered relative.
So, that having been said, I’m finished with you and I’m finished with this forever*

*forever has been known to range from one second to 13.8 billion years and counting.

19 thoughts on “Love you Forever* (Break Up Edition)

    1. Thank you.
      That’s spooky. I hadn’t heard that power hit from meatloaf in the longest time; until yesterday.
      Youre not wrong, I almost feel I should be paying royalties.


      1. No no no. We can’t help but be inspired by Meatloaf in every day life. He understands.

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      2. Idk how old you are but back in the day there was a music channel called the box where you could rent music videos. I feel like I rented I would do anything for love about 80x because he was a vampire in the video, lol.

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      3. I had to look this up. Fascinating stuff. ‘The Box’ created in Miami in 91, reformatted for the UK 92. I would do anything for love was released 93. 80 plus times must have cost you a pretty penny.

        Always loved the lyrics on the song, Lorraine Crosby had some great lines.
        Will you hose me down with holy water if I get to hot hot!
        It will all turn to dust and we’ll all fall down; sooner or later you’ll be screwing around. lol pure gold.


      4. I went to a show in Vegas called cocktails and rocktells with Meatloaf a few years ago. It was fascinating. Concert mixed with the telling of his career and Q+A. Funny enough, a lot of people speculate what it is he won’t do. He pointed out that he tells you in the song.

        My favorite lines of hers (besides the holy water which is amazing) are “would you colorize my life, I’m so sick of black and white” and “would you build me an Emerald City with these grains of sand?” Brilliant.

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      5. I saw a couple of videos of that. Great idea for the fans.

        There are a few moments, she manages to match and surpass Meatloaf with raw power and energy, truly an astounding feat.


      6. Oh i completely agree. I love to do her parts for kareoke. Its an awesome way to blow off steam

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      7. No, as much as I can hit the power notes, my voice isn’t manly enough to do the loaf justice

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      8. So you need a beefy partner in crime. I’d help out but I’m probably more in the falsetto range 🤣 hit me up when you need a beegee.


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