Dick Pic Acrostic


Dating sites inevitably become graphic,

Images of what’s in store is one part.

Could you however wait with your pic,

Know the start is not the time for your ‘art’.


Perverse flashing is now somehow the norm.

It has evolved to incorporate technology,

Cyberflashers, are just a new wave of the storm.


And you say it’s for gratification? Validation?

Consider the result of your downtown selfie,

Recognition software for the penis population?

Or an app to taze via phone until your healthy.

Standing on a virtual street corner on show,

Those who digitally flash women are sick.

In one pic you’ve told us all we need to know,

Clearly you’re nothing but a dick.


8 thoughts on “Dick Pic Acrostic

  1. Ah, cyber flashers! Here in New York State we have our own. I don’t recall what his official position was, but Anthony Weiner got caught flashing his weenie to a lady younger than eighteen.

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    1. Anthony Weiner? Surely a performancer name.
      Through the joys of Internet he can now flash his little Anthony to minors all over the globe from the comfort of his house.
      Unless, fingers crossed, he is in prison for his crime.


  2. I don’t know what’s happened to him since beside a divorce. I’ll do a quick search further on. And here in NYS, we have one who wasn’t a flasher but a regular at a whorehouse, the kind of business he’d prosecute. He is such a sterling character that he was elected governor and was kicked out three months into office when his little hobby was discovered. Eliot Spitzer.

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  3. I still can’t believe there is a flasher named A. WEINER. Sounds like bad writing or predeterminism gone wrong.

    That’s answers one question I had, do people already have these fetishes or do they develop them in office 😂


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