Interview with a Mog


Interview with a Mog

By Anna Koira

Modern Dog Magazine




Good morning. Thank you for meeting with us.



You’re very welcome. The pleasure is mine.



Let’s jump right in. So, when did this fixation begin?



I suppose it started, or when I first realized my proclivity, I was still a child. My mother had a restraint for me, I was an unruly child, couldn’t sit still.

Now I sit on command. (chuckles)

I remember pulling against the leash. There was this rush I’d never felt before. As a child I never understood what it was that I was feeling in those moments. It was a satisfaction I wouldn’t know again until years later.



Do you have an owner?



Yes. My wife and a specialist dominatrix. I split my time between these two loving and understanding women.



Do you have trouble keeping your human life and canine life separate?



Between 5 and 9 I’m a dog. Of course they do sometimes bleed into one another. But that is something I’m in the process of rectifying.



That leads to the next question. We would like to ask about your controversial plans. What can you tell us?



Of course, it is the main reason we are here today after all.

With the aid of multiple surgeries, I intended to make a full transformation and live my remaining years as a dog.

I’ve found an excellent hair regrowth company, who believes we can have a successful full body coat by years end.

Doctors have told me it is possible to extend my tailbone into a tail, unfortunately it will be solely an esthetic appendage without feeling.

The ear modifications will be created by grafting pig tissue to the outer ear. I’m hoping for something between beagle and dachshund in appearance.

The snout will be a work of art, I won’t have the sensitivity of a dog but I will have full functionality.

I will be removing all but the last digits of my fingers so they are more paw like visually.

I will have genital relocation and modifications. I won’t go into further detail here, not exactly reading material for your younger readers or the faint hearted.

But, all of this is covered at length in my book, Barking Manned, along with other stories and anecdotes, including my favorite parks and treats. The proceeds will be going towards the transformation.

I would like to thank everyone in advance for helping me achieve my lifelong dream.

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