The kids are driving me crazy

And I never get a moment’s rest

I just want a day to be lazy

Crawl into bed and make a nest




The garbage should taken out

Mowing the lawn is long overdue

Kitty litter needs a clean no doubt

And I should probably wash the dishes too


Dusting I could do daily

Vacuuming all the rugs and floor

Plus, I haven’t cleaned the windows lately

But wait, there’s still more


Walk the dog five times a day

Pay the bills, sort the taxes and a marital spat

Change sheets, Make beds, and P.T.A,

Oh, Pick up the kids from school, can’t forget that


Go shopping, wash the car

Back home in time to cook dinner

Bathe the children, which is hardest by far

then bedtime, less than an hour is a winner


At the end of the day I crash

Cos that’s all I’m able to do

Another day always comes in a flash

But I’ll enjoy this moment or two


I know the chores will come get me

And blow my peaceful place away

Thirty more years until retirement you see

But the chores will still be here everyday




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