This is John Sade, keeping you up to date with the latest developments from New York, which is currently experiencing the most alarming weather phenomenon in the history of mankind.

People are calling it ‘The devil’s rapture.’

So far it is localised to the island of Manhattan.

Entire buildings have been turned to rubble, people buried alive, emergency services are doing all they can but they don’t have the manpower to combat such an event.

The death toll is climbing by the minute, with a current estimate standing at approximately one hundred and fifty thousand.


Once again if you are just joining us, at half past ten this evening, on the island of Manhattan men started falling from the sky.

We have received a video from the group claiming to be responsible for the disaster. They call themselves “The weather girls.”  

They have made no demands, simply stated “hallelujah, it’s raining men. Amen.”

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