Freckles (Ephelides)




Epidermis Mapping and the Correlation between Ephelides and Constellations


Thomas U. Blotch, MD; Adam F. Kepler, MS; Wesley O. Newton, PhD; et al


Original Investigation | May 29, 2019






Initially our study was designed to map nevi in the hope of finding a correlation between geographical locations and skin anomalies.


Materials and Methods


100 candidates chosen across uk, varying ages and ethnicities. After analysis, base of operations was transferred to a town named Clàr-Rionnag, 5 kilometres north of Stonehenge.




When the data was analysed we found that there were matches. Matches to star constellations. Each resident of the town carries a unique map to a different region of the sky.




These results are in the infant stages. We are still trying to piece it all together.

We will be applying for a new grant. In a new field of study.

We believe, together the residents of this small town may have the answers to the universe written on their collective bodies.


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