Woman in the Wind

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I drift about our empty home

In the silence absence drew.

Nightly room to room I roam

Without hope I call to you.


In search of our love time lost

I am struck with a forlorn will.

It is the beginnings of the winter frost

That quell the flame to chill.


A draught drawn out surrendered

Which beckons me anew.

With the pathway clearly rendered

Compelled, I must pursue.


A window raps a stutter

And gifts safe passage through.

The drapes billow out and flutter

Creating an outline of you.


A woman in the wind it seems

With the caresses of the air.

Now all I have are waking dreams

Of a woman never there.

8 thoughts on “Woman in the Wind

  1. I like this because the way that you have written it means that a reader could play with the lines, delivering at different tempos and pausing in different places. A great way of ‘feeling’ poetry is to speak it rather than just read it, this is where your piece comes to life 🙂

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  2. Love the flow of the poem.The last stanza is a great end to it and there is a beautiful and consistent rhythm. Loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh! Wow…that’s very interesting. I write poems myself but I’ve never tried writing the stanzas backwards. Is it more fun? You know, more fun than writing normally?


      2. I haven’t written poetry in years, I’m shaking of the rust. Testing different techniques that I normally use with flash fiction. If I have a great ending point I try figure out how I can there in the most interesting way.


      3. That is an interesting technique! Wow, you are pretty good. I can’t believe you haven’t written poetry in so long. You are too good!

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