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I’ve never had a desk job,

My mind tends to wander.

It cannot be confined to four walls.

Who thought of that,

A cubical,

People in boxes,

People hate being put in boxes.

Boxes are for storage,

For gifts,

For chocolate.

Of course chocolates good in anything,

Or on anything.

I could go for some truffles right now.

Not the pig hunting kind.

Or the desert lightning kind.

You ever see lightning hit sand?

It fuses,

Leaves glass sculptures

Like Singapore Supertrees.

Weird stuff.


What we’re we talking about?

Oh yeah

Like I said

My mind tends to wander.


6 thoughts on “Wander

  1. This really makes me smile. When I write I often have several notebooks with different ideas. Then suddenly, I will get up and write about something different. I don’t know why, or where the ideas suddenly;y come from and I don’t really care. Life is fun 🙂

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    1. I have the same issue. I’ve lost count of all my unfinished stories and poems. I’ve been using the notepad on my phone, it has really helped. Especially for those ideas that come out of nowhere.


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